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Nobel Prize

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(The Nobel Committee at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences corrects laureate's name to Dan Shechtman from Daniel Shechtman)

By Patrick Lannin and Veronica Ek

Dan Shechtman
 An Israeli scientist who suffered years of ridicule and even lost a research post for claiming to have found an entirely new class of solid material was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry on Wednesday for his discovery of quasicrystals.

Three decades after Dan Shechtman looked with an electron microscope at a metal alloy and saw a pattern familiar in Islamic art but then unknown at a molecular level, those non-stick, rust-free, heat-resistant quasicrystals are finding their way into tools from LEDs to engines and frying pans.

Shechtman, 70, from Israel's Technion institute in Haifa, was working in the United States in 1982 when he observed atoms in a crystal he had made form a five-sided pattern that did not repeat itself, defying received wisdom that they must create repetitious patterns, like triangles, squares or hexagons.
"People just laughed at me,"

"Tomas Tranströmer" The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011

 "because, through his condensed, transluscent images, he gives us fresh access to reality". The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 was awarded to Tomas Tranströmer
Tomas transtromer
Tomas Tranströmer
" in the middle of life it happens that death comes and measures man. The visit is forgotten and life continues. But the suit is made, quietly ".Tomas Transtrِmer
Tomas Tranströmer  was Born in a working-class Stockholm neighborhood in 1931
Tranströmer started writing poetry while at the oppressive Södra Latin Grammar School (its atmosphere caught by Ingmar Bergman in Alf Sjöberg’s Frenzy, which was filmed there, the young Tomas amongst the pupils). But he was devouring books on all subjects, especially geography, with daily visits to the local library, where he worked his way through most of the non-fiction shelves. However, this bookish adolescence was shadowed by the war, by his parents’ divorce and the absence of his father, and at 15 he experienced a winter of psychological crisis. He published his first collection, 17 Poems, in 1954, at the age of 23.

Cancer kills Ralph Steinman before he hears of Nobel Prize

Ralph Steinman
Ralph Steinman who won the Nobel prize for medicine 2011 used his own discoveries to treat himself for cancer, but died of the disease just days before he could be told of the award.

Ralph Steinman The 68-year-old physician, who joked last week with his family about hanging on until the annual prize declaration, died Friday after a four-year battle with pancreatic cancer

"Nobel Prize 2011 in Chemistry" Dan Shechtman

Dan Shechtman

Nobel Prize 2011 in Chemistry

"for the discovery of quasicrystals".
The  Nobel Prize 2011 in Chemistry is awarded to Dan Shechtman 

Dan Shechtman

If you’re a scientist and believe in your results: fight for them,” he says. “Fight for the truth) Dan Shechtman 

Dan Shechtman, the Philip Tobias Professor of Materials Science,was  Born in 1941, Tel Aviv, Israel,