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Herta Müller " the Nobel Prize for Literature 2009"

"Women always need other women to lean on. They become friends in order to hate each other better. The more they hate each other, the more inseparable they become."
— Herta Müller (The Land of Green Plums)

Herta Müller was born in 1953 in the Banat region of Romania, home to a German-speaking minority incorporated into Romania in 1918 from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. That minority were embraced by Hitler as part of the greater Germany, and many served in the German army in WWII.
Hurta muller
Muller's own father served in the SS, and remained unrepentant to his death. At university, Muller became involved in a group of German-speaking students who formed Aktionsgruppe Banat. They soon came under the scrutiny of the Romanian Secret Services, leading to expulsion from university, harassment and interrogation.
herta muller
"And then I have the feeling that whenever someone dies he leaves behind a sack of words. And barbers, and nail-clippers—I always think of them, too, since the dead no longer need them. And they don't ever lose buttons either." (from The Land of Green Plums,
herta muller
Herta Müller began writing after her father died. "I had to turn back and reflect back upon my childhood, my mother, my father, my village," she later said. From 1977 to 1979, Müller was employed as a translator at the tractor factory Tehnometal, translating manuals for machines imported from the GDR, Austria and Switzerland. Due to her refusal to cooperate with the Securitate, Ceausescu's secret police, and serve as an informant, Müller was dismissed. A file was opened on her, and eventually it consisted of three volumes and 914 pages. To support herself, Müller worked as a teacher in a kindergarten and gave private German lessons.
"Only the demented would not have raised their hands in the great hall. They had exchanged fear for insanity"."
— Herta Müller (The Land of Green Plums)

Hurta Muller
Herta Muller Awards
•    2010 Hoffmann von Fallersleben Prize
•    2009 Nobel Prize in Literature
•    2009 Franz Werfel Human Rights Award, in particular for her novel Everything I Possess I Carry With Me
•    2006 Würth Prize for European Literature und Walter-Hasenclever Literature Prize
•    2005 Berlin Literature Prize
•    2004 Literature Prize of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
•    2003 Joseph-Breitbach Prize (together with Christoph Meckel and Harald Weinrich
•    2002 Carl-Zuckmayer-Medaille of Rhineland-Palatinate
•    2001 Cicero Speaker Prize
•    1998 Ida-Dehmel Literature Prize and the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award for The Land of Green Plums
•    1997 Literature Prize of Graz
•    1995/96 City-writer of Frankfurt-Bergen-Enkheim
•    1995 Aristeion Prize
•    1994 Kleist Prize
•    1993 Critical Prize for Literature
•    1991 Kranichsteiner Literature Prize
•    1990 Roswitha Medal of Knowledge of Bad Gandersheim
•    1989 German Language Prize, together with Gerhardt Csejka, Helmuth Frauendorfer, Klaus Hensel, Johann Lippet, Werner Söllner, William Totok, Richard Wagner
•    1989 Marieluise-Fleißer Prize of Ingolstadt
•    1987 Ricarda-Huch Prize of Darmstadt
•    1985 Rauris Literature Prize

•    1985 Encouragement Prize of the Literature Award of Bremen
•    1984 Aspekte Literature Prize
•    1981 Adam-Müller-Guttenbrunn Sponsored Prize the Temeswar Literature Circle
Herta muller
  herta muller
"Atemschaukel" (2009)
"Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen" (2005)
"Der KJonig verneigt sich und tJotet" (2003)
"Heimat ist das, was gesprochen wird" (2001)
"The Appointment" (2001)
"Im Haarknoten wohnt eine Dame" (2000).
"Traveling on One Leg" (1998)
"The Land of Green Plums" (1996)
"DrJuckender Tango" (1996)
"Der Fuchs war damals schon der JJager" (1992)
"Eine warme Kartoffel ist ein warmes Bett" (1992)
"Der Teufel sitzt im Spiegel" (1991)
"Reisende auf einem Bein" (1989)
The Passport" (1989)
"BarfJusiger Februar" (1987)
"Der Mensch ist ein groser Fasan auf der Welt" (1986)
"Niederungen" (1984).
  Herta Muller
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