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Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio The Nobel Prize in Literature 2008

     “My message will be very clear; it is that I think we have to continue to read novels. Because I think that the novel is a very good means to question the current world without having an answer that is too schematic, too automatic. The novelist, he’s not a philosopher, not a technician of spoken language. He’s someone who writes, above all, and through the novel asks questions.” — Le Clézio
Le Clezio.
born April 13, 1940.
Born of a French mother (Simone ) based in Nice, France and an English father (Raoul Le Clézio , surgeon ) based in Mauritius, off the southeast coast of Africa
Le Clezio parents are cousins (both have the same grandfather Sir Eugene The Clézio)
Le Clezio start writing when he was at the age of seven
Le Clezio was awarded the 1963 Prix Théophraste-Renaudot or Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Procès-Verbal or The Interrogation
In 1964, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio wrote a thesis for graduation from Superior on "The Solitude in the work of Henri Michaux. "
In 1963 Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio was awarded the Prix Théophraste-Renaudot or Prix Renaudot for his novel Le Procès-Verbal

In 1967 Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio made his military service in Thailand as cooperating, and quickly expelled for denouncing child prostitution. It is sent to Mexico in order to finish his service. Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio participated in organizing the library of the French Institute of America and begins to explore the Mayan and Nahuatl at the University of Mexico who will lead the Yucatan. For 4 years, from 1970 to 1974, he shared the lives of Indians and Emberá Waunanas, Panama. The discovery of their lifestyle, if different from the one he knew so far is for him an experience Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio later described as "shocking". After a first marriage in 1961 with half-French, half-Polish Rosalie Piquemal (with whom he has a daughter, Patricia), Le Clézio married in 1975 with jemi, from Western Sahara and mother of his second daughter Anna. Together, they write Sirandanes (a collection of riddles proverbial day in Mauritius) and People clouds.
*Le Clezio has written over forty works

* Le Clezio, is the first French writer to win the prestigious award since Chinese-born Frenchman Gao Xingjian was honored in 2000 and the 14th since the Nobel Prizes began in 1901.

"If you really want to know, I’d rather not have been born at all. I find life very tiring. The thing’s done now, of course, and I can’t alter it. But there will always be this regret at the back of my mind " Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio (Fever)
Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio has traveled extensively. At the age of 8, he went to Nigeria with his parents. He grew up speaking both French and English. Le Clézio later studied two years at the University of Bristol, UK and then went on to work as a teacher in the United States (including a couple of years at UNM - University of New Mexico, teaching French). He has also lived in Thailand and taught in a Buddhist University there. He also lived in Mexico, Panama and South Korea. He currently divides his time between Albuquerque, Mauritius and Nice.

Le Clezio's first wife was half-French, half-Polish Rosalie Piquemal and they had one daughter. After 15 years, he married Morrocan Jemia and they have another daughter
Le Clezio, is the first French writer to win the prestigious award since Chinese-born Frenchman Gao Xingjian was honored in 2000 and the 14th since the Nobel Prizes began in 1901.

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio Awards:

Nobel Prize in Literature. 2008

Stig Dagermanpriset. 2008

prix Prince-de-Monaco. 1998

grand prix Jean-Giono. 1997

grand prix de littérature Paul Morand, awarded by the Académie française 1980

prix littéraire Valery-Larbaud. 1972

prix Théophraste-Renaudot. 1963

Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio Works:

· Ritournelle de la faim – Paris : Gallimard, 2008

· Ballaciner – Paris : Gallimard, 2007

· Raga : approche du continent invisible – Paris : Seuil, 2006

· Ourania – Paris : Gallimard, 2006

· L'Africain – Paris : Mercure de France, 2004

· Révolutions – Paris : Gallimard, 2003

· Coeur brûlé et autres romances – Paris : Gallimard, 2000

· Hasard ; suivi de Angoli Mala – Paris : Gallimard, 1999

· La fête chantée – Paris : Le Promeneur, 1997

· Poisson d'or – Paris : Gallimard, 1996

· La quarantaine – Paris : Gallimard, 1995

· Diego et Frida – Paris : Stock, 1993

· Étoile errante – Paris : Gallimard, 1992

· Pawana – Paris : Gallimard, 1992

· Onitsha – Paris : Gallimard, 1991

· La grande vie ; suivi de Peuple du ciel – Paris : Gallimard, 1990

· Printemps et autres saisons – Paris : Gallimard, 1989

· Le rêve mexicain ou la pensée interrompue – Paris : Gallimard, 1988

· Voyage à Rodrigues – Paris : Gallimard, 1986

· Le chercheur d'or – Paris : Gallimard, 1985

· Villa Aurore ; suivi de Orlamonde – Paris : Gallimard, 1985

· Balaabilou – Paris : Gallimard, 1985

· Celui qui n'avait jamais vu la mer ; suivi de La montagne du dieu vivant – Paris : Gallimard, 1982

· La ronde et autres faits divers – Paris : Gallimard, 1982

· Trois villes saintes – Paris : Gallimard, 1980

· Lullaby – Paris : Gallimard, 1980

· Désert – Paris : Gallimard, 1980

· Voyage au pays des arbres – Paris: Gallimard, 1978

· L'inconnu sur la terre – Paris : Gallimard, 1978

· Mondo et autres histoires – Paris : Gallimard, 1978

· Voyages de l'autre côté – Paris : Gallimard, 1975

· Mydriase – Montpellier : Fata Morgana, 1973

· Les géants – Paris : Gallimard, 1973

· Haï – Genève : Skira, 1971

· La guerre – Paris : Gallimard, 1970

· Le livre des fuites : roman d'aventures – Paris : Gallimard, 1969

· L'extase matérielle – Paris : Gallimard, 1967

· Terra amata – Paris : Gallimard, 1967

· Le déluge : roman – Paris : Gallimard, 1966

· La fièvre – Paris : Gallimard, 1965

· Le jour où Beaumont fit connaissance avec sa douleur – Paris : Mercure de France, 1964

· Le procès-verbal – Paris : Gallimard, 1963

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